Chapter One: Mystery Guy

There’s a man in my bed…

06-17-18_8:06:37 PM.png

Bridgette Wolfe slowly perched herself into a sitting position, sneaking a glance at the man snoring softly beside her. His hard jaw line and defined muscles looked gentle in his sleep. There’s a handsome man in my bed, she thought to herself with an appreciative smirk. If her sister had been there she knew she would have received a celebratory ‘five.

The moment of self appreciation didn’t last long, however. Her original thought came back to her just as shocking as the first time. Who was the man in her bed?


Leaning back on her bed frame, Bridgette racked her brain for memories of the night before. Vague images of a fancy restaurant and some heavy flirting which led to… Well she couldn’t help but blush. Damn those martinis.

She remembered his smile and charisma. He was a doctor… or maybe lawyer. Something stupid smart. Bridgette thudded her palm to her forehead and groaned involuntarily. “And you brought him back here.” She hissed to herself, quickly covering her mouth when she realized that she’d spoken out loud. He shifted a bit and let out a deep snore before returning to his steady breathing. The mystery man was a pretty deep sleeper it seemed. Thank god.

06-17-18_8:06:05 PM

With a shallow sigh of relief Bridge slowly and quietly crawled out of bed. She avoided looking at the slumbering gentleman and paced the length of her tiny bedroom. The room was furnished with some second hand furniture and a single painting she’d bought at a department store in an attempt to make it a bit more homey. Otherwise there was a huge hole in the wall and a place in the baseboards where a mouse had chewed through. You brought a doctor here you idiot. Bridgette had to get out.

06-17-18_8:10:14 PM

As quietly as she could Bridgette tip toed to her dresser, an old converted display case she had dragged in from the sidewalk. She didn’t spend much time picking out an outfit and opted to throw on the first few things she could find. She couldn’t risk being there when her mystery guy woke up. You learned quickly to avoid the mornings after, they were always awkward and forced. She didn’t need breakfast or some half-hearted “thanks for a good time”. Bridge shuddered at the thought, she didn’t even know his name.

06-17-18_8:11:44 PM

She ripped a page from her journal and scribbled a quick note telling the guy to let himself out when he woke up. Gently she left it on her pillow and stole one last glance at him. He rolled over onto his back snoring loudly once. He was sprawled out on her bed, his underwear hardly conservative. She smiled widely and resisted the urge to give herself a pat on the back as she left the apartment.

06-17-18_8:17:35 PM

It was mid morning outside, the sun shone down on the dewy city and there was warmth in the damp air. Bridgette breathed in deeply, closing her eyes and enjoying the feeling against her skin. The smells of the city filled her nose. A mixture of different foods, exhaust and fumes. The overpass she stood on rumbled with the traffic of the freeway below.

The city was baron at this time of day, people were on their way to work or still tucked cozily into bed. Bridgette enjoyed the solitude, it was hard to find time to be alone.

06-17-18_8:22:25 PM

Without any real destination in mind, Bridgette wandered aimlessly. As she walked the city seemed to come alive around her. People came out of their shells, some buskers started tuning their instruments. The sights and smells of the city still enthralled the country-born girl. Not that where she had grown up was really considered the “country” there was no farms or anything like that. But it was still nothing like this. The tall, sleek architecture, the fast pace business of it all. She’d always felt so bored as a child, now there was something new everywhere she turned.

Musing about life, wandering around, Bridge was lost in her own head. That is until her phone buzzed loudly in her pocket three times in quick succession. She pulled it out a nimbly opened up the messenger.

Jul 💩: You up?? 🤪
Jul 💩: I am, wanna meet up?
Jul 💩: I’m heading to the bench, c u there. 

06-17-18_8:24:56 PM

06-17-18_8:16:22 PM

Bridgette laughed involuntarily and shook her head. Luckily she was close to “the bench” in question and easily made it there first. Settling down she looked over the edge with a sigh. This was her favourite lookout spot in the city. It had an absolutely gorgeous view of the business sector below. This was the exact spot where she’d met Julian, her neighbour, best friend and closest confident. She smiled fondly at the memory.

She was so lost in thought that she didn’t notice the footsteps approaching until Julian was right behind her.

06-17-18_8:25:47 PM

Julian had a sort of confidence about him that came from city natives. He smiled charismatically and had a dazzling twinkle in his dark eyes. Everything about him, from the way he walked and talked to the subtle ways he scratched his nose or took a drink of water, oozed as self-assured.

“Boo.” He grabbed hold of Bridgette’s shoulder’s and shook her just a bit. She squealed in response, hands flying to her chest as if he’d given her a heart attack. Julian laughed, a deep and throaty kind of sound. “You got here fast.” He observed, plunking himself down in the seat beside her.

06-17-18_8:27:07 PM

“I was around, I had to get out of the house this morning.”

“Oh yeah?” He smirked knowingly and Bridgette gave him a gentle shove. “Don’t start with me, Speers.” She said in a warning voice, giving way to a smile as she looked at him. “You don’t know my life.” Julian laughed again. “Thin walls, Wolfe. I think I know more than I want to.” She turned beet red. “Oh god, how bad was it?” She exclaimed leaning against the short back rest and throwing her hands in the air dramatically.

“I had to sleep with a pillow over my head.” He joked. “I was up for half the night, just constant…” He mimicked some shameless noises and Bridgette immediately reached to cover his mouth. “Okay, Okay. I get it. I’ll buy you some ear plugs okay?” Julian nodded, “good, that’s all I wanted in the first place.” Bridgette couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

06-17-18_8:27:59 PM

The pair fell into a comfortable silence after. Looking out over the fence at the beautiful city scape. A few minutes past before Julian piped up again. “I’m just saying Bridge, if you don’t even want to see them in the morning what’s the point?”
“Not all of us get the happily ever after, Jul. You just lucked out.”

Julian looked over at Bridgette, studying her face for a moment with an expression that she couldn’t quite read. “Yeah.” He murmured quietly, turning away from Bridgette again. He was like an untapped mystery, even the man in her bed this morning had been easier to understand than Julian was. In the two years that they had known each other, living just a few feet away, Bridgette hadn’t quite been able to figure him out.

06-17-18_8:30:30 PM

Suddenly a buzzing sound came from Julian’s pocket and he shot up from his seat fast. He quickly pulled his phone out and stared at the screen, eyes furrowed. “Speak of the devil?” Bridgette smirked, giving him a playful smile. “Yeah, Paige needs me to bring her some stuff to work. I guess she forgot it at home.” He typed a quick reply and pocketed his phone. “I gotta go, husbandly duties await.” He gave her a small salute and dashed quickly away in the direction of their apartment.

Bridgette sat back on the bench, once again staring in front of her. She didn’t think the view would ever get old. She stayed there in silence for about half hour, thinking over her conversation with Julian and piecing together the events of last night. Why did she keep putting herself through this? She couldn’t even go home in fear that she would run into the guy. “Cause it’s fun…” she murmured out loud, as if answering Julian’s earlier question. But her voice didn’t sound so sure.

06-17-18_8:35:22 PM

After another half hour of sitting and thinking she finally decided it was safe to go home. The building wasn’t too far from the lookout spot and she made it home pretty quickly. Riding the clunky elevator to the 9th floor and stepping out into the outdated hallway. There were three apartments on this floor. Her’s, Julian’s and a pregnant couple who Bridgette didn’t know very well. She looked around the hallway as she unlocked her door, trying to imagine raising a baby in this dump.

It’s the cheapest place in this city, I guess. She thought to herself.

06-17-18_8:40:31 PM

Fingers crossed, she opened the door and to her relief stepped into an empty apartment. Everything was quiet and just as she’d left it. Other then a short note on her desk.

Thx for last night download

“Ugh.” She balled up the note and tossed it into the waste bin before flopping down on her sofa.


12 thoughts on “Chapter One: Mystery Guy

  1. Hoo hoo INTERESTING

    I gotta say I like that Julian is MARRIED. There’s so often that trope of long time pining. I’m liking the idea that they’re friends and just friends.
    Though, I mean if they’re meant to be together it’ll happen, but I’m really liking the friendship thing here.

    I’m not disliking our founder so far heh!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I absolutely love their relationship! I was hoping to get across just how close they are, and that sort of flirty but not flirty way that best friends interact sometimes. As for how they end up *shrugs* I honestly don’t know myself. LOL.

      I’m glad you like her so far!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha, what a start!
    Lol Bridgette I hope you’re not foreshadowing something fierce in that last bit about wanting to raise a baby in this dump. At least you would have a handsome doner, he looked cute… but then again if he can’t be bothered to write out “thanks” on a note I can imagine why you’d not be inclined to see him again – “thx” what a way to write a note, man! I jest, I can’t wait to see where this story goes!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. LOL For a doctor he wasn’t very literate, huh? XD And maybe, maybe not *smirk* there are tons of surprises in store for Bridgette *smirk* thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello, I stumbled upon your story. Already enjoying it. As Blams, I like the relationship Bridgette and Julian have. I think it’s lovely and I was actually surprised he was a guy. Thought that would be Julie or something!
    I’m worried about the founder’s habits, though. These guys could easily steal for her, really. And imagine what you’d say to the police if she wanted to report it. “I had a one night stand and then left him at my home.” LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaha that is honestly so true XD She doesn’t have the best decision making skills!! Thanks for taking your time to read, I am so glad you enjoy it 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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    Happy simmingg!

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      1. Thank you! We’re in the process of trying to get the word out so people can come and add their stories on it!
        So if you know anyone and would be tempted to spread the word, it’d be greatly appreciated!

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